Administrative and Regulatory Law

Legislative, Regulatory and Administrative Lawyers in Wisconsin

As government becomes more complex, the need to interact with some element of federal, state or local government increases. It's important that your lawyer is knowledgeable in the many intricacies involved. At Murphy Desmond S.C., our administrative, regulatory and legislative lawyers have many years of collective state, federal and local legislative and regulatory experience and have a proven record of achieving our clients' strategic goals.

Several of our administrative law attorneys have served in senior-level government roles at the federal, state and local levels. They have a broad understanding of the legislative and administrative complexities involved in the decision-making processes at all levels. Our attorneys frequently appear before and work with state legislative committees and legislators, regulators, local elected officials and agencies, boards and commissions at the national, state, county and municipal levels.

Some of the services we provide at Murphy Desmond include drafting proposals for legislative or administrative action, enacting or defeating proposals, and working with agencies on a client problem. Our lawyers are fierce defenders of our clients' interests when a problem surfaces with any level or facet of government, and can engage in any litigation.

Since 1931, Murphy Desmond S.C. has served clients in diverse areas of law. Along with our work in state and federal administrative law, we also have a team of attorneys working in municipal law that applies to counties, towns, cities, and villages. And we provide defense of licensed professionals in matters regarding licensing, discipline, criminal allegations and more. Contact us today for legal counsel throughout Wisconsin.