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When parties choose Alternative Dispute Resolution methods (mediation and arbitration), they are agreeing to settle their legal issues outside of the traditional courtroom setting. Both mediation and arbitration allow individuals and businesses a faster and less expensive solution to their legal disputes while providing more control of the outcome.

The lawyers at Murphy Desmond S.C., have resolved legal disputes creatively and in a cost-effective manner since our earliest days (see our ADR attorneys listed at the bottom of this page). We work to develop innovative solutions for a wide range of legal matters including:

Alternative Dispute Resolution can be highly effective for individuals and businesses. The processes of mediation and arbitration are less formal than the standard government judicial system and promote a less adversarial and speedier approach to dealing with legal disputes.

Madison and Janesville Mediation Lawyers

Mediation is designed to help parties come to a voluntary agreement through the help of a third-party mediator. The mediator does not make any decisions. Instead, the mediator works with both parties to delineate the issues and possible methods of resolution. One of the primary benefits of mediation is that the disputing parties can control the outcome if an agreement is reached. Not only is mediation far less expensive and quicker than traditional court processes, when mediation is used, case details are not open to public record, thus, maintaining confidentiality. A mediated settlement is a contract and can be enforced in court.

Wisconsin Arbitration Services

Arbitration refers to the process of involving a third party — an arbitrator — to hear a case and impose a decision that is legally binding and enforceable in court. Like mediation, this process is less formal than the regular court process, quicker and far less expensive than traditional litigation.

A significant benefit of both mediation and arbitration is that parties select the mediator or arbitrator. The mediator or arbitrator selected can and should be an individual with in-depth experience in the relevant area of law. Murphy Desmond S.C., has attorneys well-versed in a variety of practice areas that benefit from Alternative Dispute Resolution techniques. This experience helps the mediator formulate a reasonable solution and the arbitrator come to a well-reasoned decision. Many judges in a traditional court of law may or may not have background in the particular area of dispute.

Your legal disputes can be resolved more efficiently and effectively when you choose Murphy Desmond S.C., lawyers for your Alternative Dispute Resolution needs. The law firm you choose for mediation and arbitration does make a difference. Contact the lawyers at Murphy Desmond S.C., in Janesville or Madison today.