Business Startup/ Entrepreneur Legal Services

Business Startup Legal Services for Wisconsin Entrepreneurs

Business planning, entity formation, articles, bylaws, leases, confidentiality agreements, licenses, and tax matters are some of the many legal matters facing Wisconsin business startups. It’s important that you prioritize legal issues while keeping costs at a minimum.

Set Your Business Up for Success

The Business Startup lawyers at Murphy Desmond have helped entrepreneurs in many industries successfully get their businesses off the ground. Our Business Startup practice group provides legal services with experienced lawyers in the areas of law where you need the most help.

As we learn about your company or idea, will work with you to determine the legal services that are a priority for your business.We can assist with:

  • Business entity formation, business planning, governing documents, licenses, permits, tax matters
  • Drafting, negotiating and reviewing contracts with vendors, suppliers, landlords, city officials, employees, and independent contractors
  • Employment matters, employment contracts, non-compete, confidentiality agreements, employee handbooks, harassment
  • Real estate issues such as zoning, permits, leasing, buyer/seller agreements, contract negotiations
  • Environmental matters pertaining to your business operations, permits, sustainability, renewable energy, climate change, emissions
  • Litigation or mediation for any disputes requiring legal assistance
  • Securities matters and investor contracts

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Business Startup Legal Considerations

Whether your business is in the concept stage or has been operating for several years, the lawyers at Murphy Desmond can help position your business for growth.

We work to help you avoid legal obstacles that can cause unnecessary costs, fines, delays, or even the end of your great business idea. We believe that having a lawyer assist early in your business endeavor is an important proactive decision.   

When starting a business, consider the following legal issues:  

  • Do you have a thorough business plan that includes objectives, goals and strategies?
  • Does your business have governing documents/bylaws to help it process situations such as ownership changes?
  • What kind of business legal entity is best and will protect yourself or your family?
  • Are you seeking investors in a law-abiding manner?
  • Are your premises approved for your business operations?
  • How will your business affect your current tax situation?
  • Will you have employees, and do you know the forms and other mandates for hiring people?
  • Have you researched required insurance for your business and employees?
  • Should your employees sign a non-compete or confidentiality agreement?
  • Is this a short-term endeavor and you hope to sell your business quickly, or do you plan to run this business for years to come?

The business startup lawyers at Murphy Desmond are able to assist you with these and many other any legal questions.

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Wisconsin Lawyers Experienced With Startup Businesses

The law firm of Murphy Desmond S.C. and our lawyers have been recognized for our business acumen over the years through numerous accolades and awards. We have assisted entrepreneurs in a wide variety of industries such as tech companies, internet businesses, restaurants, retailers, manufacturers, and communications companies -- to name a few. Murphy Desmond supports the entrepreneur spirit in our communities, and we look forward to being your trusted legal counsel. Contact us today!