Criminal Defense

Attorneys Defending Your Constitutional Rights

At Murphy Desmond S.C., our criminal law attorneys can assist you in a wide range of state and federal criminal defense matters. We defend clients in both Wisconsin and federal courts, from the initial investigation through a criminal trial or an appeal. Our criminal defense team represents those accused of crimes such as:

We also assist and represent individuals and companies subpoenaed to appear before Grand Jury, John Doe, IRS, FDA, FCC and other investigative bodies.

Our criminal law attorneys have led and defended against hundreds of state and federal investigations. They have an intimate understanding of how investigations are conducted -- including John Doe and Grand Jury investigations -- and how to best protect their clients’ interests.

Experience in the criminal “system” makes a difference

As the elected Dane County District Attorney for three terms, Attorney Hal Harlowe earned a reputation for being an effective and fair prosecutor with a willingness to take on tough cases. He has maintained that reputation for effectiveness and fairness in defending those accused of serious crimes. Morgan was a state and federal prosecutor and former head of the State’s Securities Law Enforcement Program. He has significant experience in handling white collar crimes, and has served as lead attorney on numerous high profile investigations and prosecutions. Attorney Bruce Rosen’s criminal defense practice spans nearly 50 years, where he has successfully represented individuals and companies that are subject to federal or state criminal investigations or prosecutions. His experience ranges from white collar and money laundering offenses to drug offenses, theft, juvenile defense, and criminal appeals. Attorney Mark Maciolek assists clients in a wide range of criminal offenses including federal firearms crimes, immigration crimes, juvenile defense, assault and battery, white collar crimes, OWIs and more. Attorney Mario Mendoza focuses his practice primarily in defending professional licenses for individuals in Wisconsin, such as medical professionals, realtors, appraisers, lawyers, and other licensed professionals.

Our criminal defense attorneys understand how prosecutors think and what information needs to be provided to them to obtain a favorable outcome in a case. They have first-hand knowledge of how “the system” makes decisions, and use that familiarity effectively in representing adults, juveniles, professionals, and corporations accused of wrongdoing.

Defense attorneys who understand what’s at stake

Our Wisconsin-based criminal defense attorneys understand that being accused of a crime can be isolating and frightening. We recognize that, although a criminal investigation or prosecution may be directed at only one person, it dramatically affects entire families. We are also acutely aware that your freedoms, your reputation, and your future are at stake.

Murphy Desmond lawyers aggressively defend our clients in every way ethically and legally possible. We work to provide the very best factual and technical defenses available and to stand between our clients and overly zealous law enforcement officers. Our attorneys’ understanding of the process allows us to assist our clients and their families in coping with the fear, anxiety, and stress that comes with being accused of a crime. The attorneys at Murphy Desmond believe in second chances, particularly for juveniles and young adults. With skillful legal assistance, the crisis created in a criminal or juvenile matter can be used in a productive and positive way to turn around the life of a young client.

Our attorneys have represented hundreds of clients – adults facing felony charges and misdemeanors, licensed professionals, juveniles, corporations, and small businesses. We have handled civil and criminal cases in state and federal courts, ranging from basic matters to extremely complex litigation. Our criminal defense lawyers have represented community leaders and celebrities in high profile cases where confidentiality and sophistication in dealing with the press are keys to a successful outcome.
For clients who need a Spanish-speaking criminal defense lawyer, Murphy Desmond has attorneys and staff fluent in Spanish to provide bilingual legal services for clients in criminal and juvenile cases.

For defense of criminal matters, contact our criminal law attorneys in Madison, Janesville, and Dodgeville, Wisconsin at 608.257.7181.