Employee Travel Consent Letters During "Safer at Home" Orders in Wisconsin

As many states and local governments issue “shelter in place” orders and restrictions affecting non-essential travel, many “essential businesses” and their employees worry about the effect these will have on business-related travel, including travel to, from, and for work.

While these orders and restrictions provide for penalties for violation (such as jail time and monetary fines), it is unclear how strictly law enforcement agencies will enforce these travel restrictions. 

Stops (or being pulled over) by law enforcement could result in delays and downtime, which could affect business productivity and profitability. Consequently, minimizing downtime is essential.

The business attorneys at Murphy Desmond suggest employers that are deemed to be an “essential business” consider providing travel consent letters to their employees. The letters would be presented to law enforcement officers in the event employees are stopped while traveling to, from, and for work. 

These travel consent letters should contain the following information:

  • Employer name
  • Employee name
  • The applicable state or local “shelter in place” order or restriction in place
  • The applicable section(s) under which the employer is identified as an “essential business” and exempt from travel restrictions
  • The employer contact name and phone number for law enforcement should questions arise from the letter
  • Signed by an officer of the employer 

If you have questions regarding or need assistance preparing travel consent letters for your employees, contact your attorney at Murphy Desmond, email the firm at email@murphydesmond.com, or call us at 608.257.7181. We have attorneys able to assist you in offices in Madison, Janesville, Appleton, and Dodgeville, Wisconsin. 

Published March 25,2020