Wisconsin Litigation Attorneys

A serious legal dispute can threaten your assets and cast a cloud of uncertainty over your future. The litigation lawyers at Murphy Desmond work to resolve all types of legal disputes in a proactive, cost-effective manner.

Our litigators represent clients in all types of litigation, including appellate work, such as:

Our firm also consults proactively with businesses on risk-avoidance strategies designed to prevent or limit the possibility of litigation. Call 608.257.7181 or contact us online to arrange for a consultation.

Strategic trial lawyers in Wisconsin  

In a legal conflict, there may be one or more legal strategies that could produce a favorable result. Before deciding on litigation, our attorneys will evaluate all possible means of resolving the dispute. This may mean achieving a workable and acceptable solution through negotiation with the other party. In certain cases, alternative dispute resolution methods such as mediation and arbitration, are viable options to help reach an agreement.

However, litigation is sometimes the only way to protect your interests and achieve your goals. In this situation, Murphy Desmond lawyers will work to build a strong and persuasive case and argue it forcefully in court. Careful case preparation can often convince the other party to agree to a settlement without the need to go all the way to trial.

Whether the matter involves a business law issue, your career, or your personal life, our litigation attorneys have the experience, business acumen, and legal strategies to produce timely and effective results.

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